McAfee ePO 5.1 Training Courses

epo 5.1

ePolicy Orchestrator ePO 5.1 Courses

Professional security courses for McAfee EPO 5.1 from McAfee training. Protect Your Investment - Network management and skilled personnel are vital to the ongoing support of any security conscious organisation.

McAfee Training can help you to maximise and protect the investment you have made by training your support personnel to a level that will allow you to get the best out of your Anti-virus strategy.

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McAfee EPO 5.1 Course Outline

  • Introduction to anti-virus defence procedures and the core competencies of the McAfee suite of products managed by ePO 5.x
  • Installation of the software, basic configuration and management of clients
  • Automating the full software installation including applications, signatures, product upgrades and patches using repositories and the Software Manager
  • Product policy configuration including the McAfee Agent and VirusScan and the assignment of policies by group, system and tag
  • An introduction to the system tree and automating Active Directory and NT domain synchronisation
  • Configuration of the Client Task Catalog to deploy and update software and an introduction to the various agent deployment techniques
  • An introduction to Agent Handlers and the management of systems not connected to your network
  • An introduction to custom notifications and alerts and configuration of automated tasks and responses
  • Advanced features and techniques including system compliance, creating and automating queries and general ePO maintenance